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Lovell has extensive experience preparing and negotiating technology-driven contracts. Our approach involves working closely with clients to optimize contracts and minimize risk while improving operational efficiency. We possess a wealth of knowledge in drafting and negotiating various types of contracts such as service agreements, technology-driven contracts (such as cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), licensing, and subscriptions), and employment-related contracts (covering staffing, recruitment, and employees).



When negotiating important contracts that are critical to daily operations, the relationship between a legal department and other business units is crucial. At Lovell, we work closely with our clients to establish strong, long-lasting relationships that enhance efficiency and mitigate risk, helping them to achieve and sustain their business goals.

Our team offers strategic advice, negotiates on our clients’ behalf, and meticulously analyzes all provisions and clauses to ensure that nothing is overlooked. We have vast expertise in managing critical areas like data protection issues, indemnification, intellectual property rights, and limitations of liability, and our multidisciplinary approach allows us to draw on resources from a wide range of industries and legal fields.


Human Resources / Employment

Many companies are moving away from traditional staffing and have turned to flexible staffing models. Lovell has curated template agreements to assist companies in their path to use the flexible staffing model while protecting them against common pitfalls of joint-employment classification, employee classification, and wage and hour issues.



Lovell has extensive experience preparing and negotiating technology-driven contracts. We provide guidance and advice to our clients on various technology transactions, including cloud computing, licensing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and other cloud-based technologies subscriptions. Our services also encompass assessing business and regulatory risks, which involves ensuring compliance with privacy and data security laws. Additionally, we offer counsel to clients on the utilization, protection, and exploitation of their intellectual property assets.

Lovell offers its clients numerous industry-tested and ready-to-use templates.

Industry-neutral contract templates:

  • Amendments
  • Authorization and Release for Photos/Videos/Recordings
  • CDAs (Mutual, One-Way, Three-Way, Business Development)
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Master Services Agreement
    • Statements of Work / Work Orders / Task Orders
  • Services Agreement (one-time use)
  • Settlement Agreement and Release
  • CDA (for Potential Employees)
  • Contingency Fee Agreement (for Recruiters)
  • Retained Search Agreement (for Recruiters)
  • Staffing Supplier Master Services Agreement
  • Data Privacy Addendum
  • License Agreement
  • Master SaaS and Professional Services Agreement
  • Order Forms
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreements
  • Subscription Agreement

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